7 cups of tea

Connect with someone who will really listen.

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years.

It’s partly inherited; I lost a parent to suicide, and partly due to circumstances such as nearly dying in the tsunami which deeply changed my anxiety levels.

Feeling anxious, worried, low, lacking energy, alone and restless are familiar to me, I can go days without speaking to people, eating, drinking, taking care of myself- all of the tell tale signs of depression and of not quite feeling in control.

(The best explanation I’ve ever seen of depression is this brilliant video )

I’ve contemplated suicide more times than I care to remember- it’s more of a safety valve than something that will actually happen, but it can be lonely and terrifying to feel like this as such issues are stigmatised by society.

Enter 7 cups of tea.

This amazing app has been a godsend to me and I suspect to its thousands of users.

It’s basically a place you can express yourself without being judged, you can be listened to and discuss things that you can’t or won’t anywhere else.

It seems very much like counselling but on a more anonymous and instant level for those times when you really need to handle your feelings before they overtake you.

If you’ve ever felt like you needed to talk to someone but didn’t know who or how, then give this a try.

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