The longer you charge something, the more power it has.

For all the goals, the strategies, the ideas and the effort you will need to step back and recharge effectively to help you remain calm and happy.

Relaxation is just as important, if not more important than working hard.

But why?

Your energy levels and mood dictate a great deal and as such they are crucial to your success and happiness.

It’s a common misconception that working very long days and being in constant motion are the only route to success in life- this is patently not true but aligns with the widely held “results by volume” approach we all take to work with us.

The fact is your productivity and success depend only upon results- whether they take an hour or a month to achieve is not as relevant.

This is where rest comes in.

Resting correctly- switching off phones and distractions and going for a walk or a cycle or spending quality time with loved ones allows you to refuel and to change focus from business to pleasure.

Being well rested is good for your health and helps you to retain a more proactive and pragmatic mental approach too- some levels of tiredness can simulate the same feelings you get from being drunk- and that surely cannot be helpful in any situation!

The issue is one of letting go- and I know because I battle this feeling often.

By resting and not working we fear we are missing opportunities or not up to date with the latest information and feel out of touch. The reality is, very little in life goes wrong when left unattended and in the rare event things do go wrong they can be put right nine times out of ten.

It takes a change in approach and  a little discipline, but make relaxation more of a focus in your life and you will see a difference.