Do happiness

Spreading happiness one do at a time.

Do Something different, from the good people at Action For Happiness, is a science backed movement looking to create happiness and change through action (do) rather than just education.

From their website-

  1. Do Happiness unites Action for Happiness 10 Keys to Happier Living with Do Something Different’s proven change approach, from top psychologists Professors Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher.
  2. Do Happiness recognises that knowing what makes us happy isn’t enough. We have to do it. This is a simple, fun way of putting happiness at the top of your to-do list.
  3. Do Happiness is the way to a happier, more fulfilled life. We all know that big changes start with small steps. With Do Happiness, you’re on your way.

Check out how it works and why it works, then sign up! (costs £15)

The more Do’s you can do, the more happiness you’ll create!

Enjoy ­čÖé