My one goal

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Although I’m focussing on a number of goals, not least making this website the focal point of inspiring things online, I have one true goal which I focus on as each minute passes.

That goal is simply to be as relaxed as possible at all times.

That’s it.

When I’m relaxed I get more done, I’m clearer and I can give more of myself to what I am doing, the flip-side being when I’m stressed or feel pressured I don’t give my best, am prone to mistakes and generally don’t feel great.

By making a steady relaxed state my primary goal I am able to achieve subsequent goals as I maintain a positive and relaxed state.

Let me explain.

Physiology plays a massive part in how you feel and of course how you feel determines your levels of interest and attention.

With the best will in the world I will not achieve my best if I am consumed with frustration, stress, annoyance and any number of other energy sapping feelings we all battle with each day.

So, in a semi-Zen attempt at life, I simply let go of us much as possible and make a relaxed and calm attitude my number one focus above all else.

This is by no means as easy as it sounds – it takes practice to let people cut you up in traffic without getting as angry as you used to, or to wait in line at the shops and not get frustrated when things take too long.

The way I see it – for all our plans, best intentions, hard work and learning- our life is the here and now.

We can strive to be better and to modify things as we want them, but this must start from a baseline of calmness and not one of manic daily frustrations which you let get the better of you.

For today at least, make calmness your only goal – let go of things which usually frustrate you and see how you feel – and your reward will be inner calm and a greater ability to move forward productively with your day.