Live Happy .com

Inspiring people to find authentic happiness & connection in their lives.

Live Happy is a website and magazine aimed at “authentic happiness”.

Authentic happiness means whatever makes you happy- for some it’s a cup of tea and a sit down, for others it’s money, power and fame.

Whatever happiness means to you, Live Happy takes a look at being happy and spreading happiness.

This is achieved through 4 key principles:

  • Do  – What you do matters. True joy comes from spreading happiness to those around you and throughout the world. Choose to be a catalyst for change.
  • Connect – Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about the world and helping others, and are avid seekers of inspiration, hope, and positivity.
  • Learn – Live Happy gives you the tools you need in order to live a happier life. You will learn simple, science-based steps to support your happiness and positively impact your health, success, and relationships—your whole life.
  • Practice – Put what you learn into action to see the benefits of happiness in motion, and see the ripple effect of your happiness in the lives of those around you.

With so many great blog posts, videos and ways to learn about what happiness is and how to pursue it, Live Happy is well worth checking out.

Join the movement today.

Enjoy 🙂