Who are you doing this for?

Just because everyone else thinks this is the way it should be done, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

I often read the zenhabits blog for inspiration and a feeling of calm and contentment.

Leo Babauta, the creator of zenhabits, also has another blog – mnmlist.com where he shares his thoughts on more personal and family orientated matters.

Being a practitioner of zen and minimalsm, the concepts he discusses are always elegantly simple yet profound – topics such as these feel like stating the obvious but are a joy to read nonetheless.

In his post entitled ‘living for everyone else’ he reminds us that the key to happiness is pursuing it – you must do what you want to do and what pleases you rather than do as others do just to please them and fit in.

Obvious stuff.

And yet how often do we wear something, say something, do something, or buy something to ‘fit in’ or to gain acceptance. Sometimes we’re aware what we are doing, other times not – but I would argue that you always know if you’re following your heart or not.

As Leo rightly points out, the other people who have these expectations and standards for you to meet, don’t know where they’re going either..

You can read the full post here.