Karen Salmansohn

Self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help.

Karen Salmansohn is leading the way in making “self help” less stigmatised and more accessible for us all.

She takes big ideas and makes them digestible through humour, great design and numerous other tricks that have led to her succsss (1m+ books sold, Oprah columnist etc)

Her “behind the scenes story” reveals her past as a creative in the advertising industry, but also her passion for writing and the fact that she’s been writing since 1993 (!)

With a definite feminine focus, her blog covers yoga, mindfulness, happiness and avoiding “prince harming” amongst others.

She has a wealth of fun books, an Instant Happy peptalk app and some great “ecards” to share the happiness/fun on social media.

She’s also a prolific Tweeter and definitely worth following.

Check her out!