T Harv Eker

Remember, either you control your money or it will control you.

T Harv Eker is the classic evangelist for material and financial success.

Having left school with the sole aim of becoming rich, T Harv spent 14 years trying to pursue his dream (you can see his story here)

Although never bankrupted, he wasn’t making the progress he wanted toward his goal, starting and failing in a handful of businesses before he managed to push through. (much like the Chinese Bamboo Plant)

After changing his mindset and understanding he knew what didn’t work (from his 14 years of failing) he was able to finally realise his success through a fitness business he want on to sell for millions.

He now devotes himself to helping others realise their dreams of financial success through books, seminars and his website.

If you’re seeking ideas and guidance on wealth creation, this is the guy you need. (you can also try Rich Dad too)

The video below will give you a real taste of what he has to offer.