Feel good, don’t should

Be careful not to should all over yourself.

A great deal of unhappiness and disappointment can come from unrealistic expectations or feeling obligated in some way to take action.

We’ve all had the to do list of items, accomplished only a handful (usually the items we enjoy) the rest lays incomplete and we feel guilty for all those things we ‘should’ have done.

Its human nature to focus on the easy things first and leave the less desirable tasks to later- hopefully never.

By simply changing your perception you can potentially get more done, but definitely feel better about your achievements.

This is how it works-

Lets say you have 10 things to do today- realistically you could identify 3 of those which you could achieve ( not necessarily the easiest or nicest things by the way…) and then leave the rest on hold.

By reducing your focus to fewer things you immediately feel less pressurised and can give those fewer tasks some more quality attention.

Once you achieve the first task you feel that warm sense of accomplishment as you are 1/3 through your working day (rather than 1/10). Before you realise it you have gained momentum and all three tasks are complete- you find time to complete one or two’extra’ tasks and feel even better as you have ‘over achieved’ versus your goal.

You may well end the day with 6 of the 10 things complete whereas if you set out to ‘complete’ all 10 you may have got 4, 5 or even 6 things complete- but without the sense of accomplishment – it’s all about changing the way you look at things.

By aiming lower, and “over achieving” you will feel the polar opposite to aiming high and most likely “under achieving”

If you ‘should’ less and give yourself some room, you will find that you may get more done, you may get the same done – but the way you feel about it will change – you will give yourself credit and recognise a job well done rather than completely disregarding everything until all of those 10 tasks are complete.

Life is about celebrating the little things and being mindful of your progress – don’t put everything off to “someday”, should less, do more and feel better ­čÖé