The Secret Blue Butterfly

Pollinating the world with kindness and love.

The Secret Blue Butterfly first appeared on my Inspiring people on Instagram page.

From taping money to vending machines to buying flowers for people or writing anonymous letters of praise, the Secret Blue Butterfly is all about random acts of kindness. (if you like the idea of random kindness, then check this out)

Through their anonymous network, the Secret Blue Butterfly encourages us all to do something nice for someone we don’t know, for no reason other than to do something nice.

Although often they tape money in places or buy gifts, kindness is free and could be as simple as giving someone your seat on a crowded bus, opening a door, paying a compliment or giving someone your time which is the greatest act of kindness.

A straightforward organisation with a noble belief:

Together, we can transform the world.

With their movement growing, they may do just that.

Check it out.