The Chinese Bamboo Plant

Not all progress is visible to the eye

The Chinese bamboo plant is an interesting case in point – something I urge you to refer back to if you feel things aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like in any area of your life.

It takes continual watering and care, five years in fact, before the Chinese bamboo plant shows even any sign of growth.

Lets put that into perspective, you have to water the place in the ground where you planted the seed for 5 years – without any sign whatsoever of growth.

Any sign whatsoever.

For 5 years.

That takes vision, courage and tenacity, but for those willing to keep tending the plant, the rewards are there.

90 feet of growth in 6 weeks and bamboo plants for generations to come thanks to the deep and established root system which developed over the preceding 5 years.

The Chinese bamboo plant reminds us that for anything truly worth having, we need to have a dream, take daily action, ignore the naysayers and just keep on going.

Having the strength to carry on despite the lack of apparent progress, and the discipline to keep putting in the effort every day- these are the secrets of the Chinese Bamboo Plant.

Just because you can’t see progress, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Have faith, have patience.