Happify .com

Our vision is to use cutting-edge science and innovative technology to empower individuals to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Happify is taking a 21st century approach to creating a “well lived” life.

The Happify concept focusses on these 5 key areas which have been scientifically proven to influence happiness – Savour, Thank, Aspire, Give Empathise.

Offering various “tracks” to their users, helping to deal with issues such as strengthening friendships, handling stress and getting motivated to keep fit, Happify cater to a broad spectrum of potential visitors and the issues they want to address.

Some tracks are free, others are available only to Happify Plus members,  but all offer brain training for your emotional health (Headspace have similar aims) and the chance to take control of your own happiness.

If you want to focus more on happiness (see Happier as well if you do) then Happify give you the tools to make positive steps towards a happier life.