Action for Happiness .org

Doing good, feels good.

Action for Happiness is a UK based non profit who believe you can change the world by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their own happiness and to create more of it in the world.

They harness this through ideas such as the 50 actions for happiness, which links directly to the 10 keys to happier living, providing some practical guidance on how to increase happiness in your own life.

From encouraging us to take the happiness pledge, to holding regular events and sharing wisdom via their Facebook page, Action for happiness is all about exactly that – action.

I’m a firm believer that it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do about it.

Action for Happiness provide some ideas and structure to find happiness, take some positive action and most importantly to connect with like-minded people with shared ideals.

In our materialistic, stressed out world where everyone seems to be inwardly focussed and we all seem to be competing against each other for happiness, Action for Happiness is a flicker of hope in the darkness.

Check it out!