5 Reasons You Don’t Do What Really Makes You Happy

Happiness doesn’t just happen.

This article, from idonethis.com, reminds us all that happiness doesn’t just happen.

Like anything worth having in life it does require a little focus and effort to be achieved.

If you are unhappy then chances are you will agree to one or more of the 5 reasons:

  1. We’re too dismissive of relationships and positive emotions.
  2. We’re bad at predicting what will make us happy.
  3. We don’t look for actionable moments, the right timing to harness motivation.
  4. We don’t sufficiently consider our future.
  5. We don’t harness our wins and self-knowledge to sustain happiness.

Having the courage to be true to ourselves about what we enjoy and what makes us feel alive is, for me personally, one of the largest impediments to happiness.

There’s a certain amount of vulnerability when declaring “XYZ makes me happy”- I know because this website would have started about 5 years earlier had I summoned the courage to admit to myself and others that sharing inspiring things was all I wanted to do to make myself happy.

Considering your future is another poignant reason. Life is so fragile, yet we forget that whilst wrapped up in petty situations, obligations and short-term happiness fixes. If you took a long-term view on your life than your decisions today would be decidedly different and you would be happier as a result.

It’s a short article, but with some great references and data so worth checking out.

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