Starting dirty

Life is trying things to see if they work

If you’re like me – and as you’ve found this website I would wager you are like me in at least some ways, then starting things can be very difficult indeed.

This blog is a prime example- I have thought about creating, maintaining and making a huge success of this blog for a couple of years now- inspiring others and creating a community of like minded people.

The snag?

I have only just made it happen as I was afraid that if I couldn’t create in real life, the perfect image I had in my head of this blog,  then I would somehow be a failure or be wasting my time.

In hindsight this is logical nonsense but as numerous studies have proven, logic actually plays very little part in most of our decisions.

So – starting dirty?

This is a concept that the best way to start things is to simply start them and then iterate and correct course along the way.

This is tough for most people as they want to create the perfect version of what they have planned and see creating anything less than perfect as a “waste of time”.

The irony here of course is that inaction is the true waste of time and seldom do things have to be perfect for them to be affective.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

And so with this in mind, last week I finally collated all of my ideas for blog posts – about 150+ at last count, all of my ideas and hopes and decided to purchase the domain, the hosting , and finally create this site.

And so here we are, post number 1 of my long awaited blog- I trust that despite it’s “imperfections” my weekly posts will provide some useful insights and ideas to help you in your own life, in the same way that actually making time each day to write will help me in my life.

The concept of “starting dirty” is mostly relevant for writers seeking to overcome writer’s block- better to write 100 words of nonsense than not a single word of anything- and this is true.

The concept can of course be applied to any area of life and it works because it addresses three key stumbling blocks to progress:

  1. We fear that if what we do cannot be perfect then it is not worth pursuing (this is the fear of failure in disguise)
  2. We fear doing large tasks and become overwhelmed, instead of tackling them one at a time.
  3. We forget that action leads to more action and builds momentum

So by simply taking action on whatever it is you have been putting off – and that action can be very small indeed- you will not only feel better because you have achieved something, but because you will most likely then generate the momentum and inclination to take further action.

At which point you will start to make some progress and wonder why you didn’t just get started in the first place rather than putting things off for so long – as I have done with this blog.

You may also find that once you have taken some action, the ideas, inspiration and strategy to pursue your “perfect” version of what you are planning will come to you .

Through simply writing this article I have made decisions about the blog which yesterday I was unsure of- the simple act of taking action has helped me to overcome these potential blockages.

So this is a beginning for me, and I hope also a beginning for you – the ideas and resources I will share here are designed to help you improve your life and get the best out of it- whatever that means for you.

The question is what will you start working dirty on today?