Jay Z’s business commandments

Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week

I’m a big fan of Jay Z  – not only as a rapper but as a businessman and entrepreneur.

Actually he’s not a business man – he’s a business, man…..

So what can you learn from Sean Carter?

it turns out quite a lot.

forbes.com have drilled into his wisdom and distilled his success to the following 9 principles; as with everything on this website it’s food for thought and something that will inspire you to consider how you conduct your own business affairs and perhaps improve them as a result.

  • Focus on the most realistic chance to make the most money at all times
  • Attach yourself to other successful brands
  • Keep business and pleasure separate
  • Don’t give free advertising to other brands unless there’s a good reason
  • Never publicise anything less than a victory
  • Cross promote your products at all times
  • Attack any threat to your business but don’t take it too far
  • Ask lots of questions, never stop learning
  • Don’t get stuck in conventional ways of thinking

With Roc-a-wear, Ace of Spades, his music career and numerous other projects, Sean Carter (Jay Z) has moved away from rapping and capitalised on his image and his followers to create a profitable business empire.

It’s always interesting to learn how others conduct themselves – and particularly if they are as successful as Jay Z- you may well find some inspiration to change your own approach to business or to try something new.

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