The five major pieces to the life puzzle

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

I have just finished reading Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle – a book by Jim Rohn which really gets back to basics and delves deep into the psychology of success.

From watching Jim Rohn’s videos on YouTube it’s impossible not to warm to his easy manner- the way he makes complex or emotionally involved problems seem so straight forward and easily tackled.

So what are the five pieces?

  1. Philosophy – the way we choose to think
  2. Attitude – how we feel about what we think
  3. Activity – what we do with what we think & know
  4. Results– interpreting results and making adjustments
  5. Lifestyle – how we choose to live

Now, of course you’ll need to get a copy of the book to really understand the detail, but ultimately the book focusses on self discipline and developing good quality habits which over the course of many years have a cumulative effect on your success

The thing to understand is that your exterior success – the success in your business and everyday life depends on your interior success – the way with which you handle yourself and your thoughts.

I always find it intriguing that true success begins with a great deal of reflection and personal change- you must understand the way you think and feel, the beliefs you have or don’t and your values.

To truly find what is valuable and what works for you. Once you’ve “got yourself together” then success is near guaranteed.

As Robin Sharma says –

life doesn’t give us what we want, life gives us who we are.

Think about it