Lessons Learned In Life .com

To encourage you to keep going, to remind you to be strong

I try not to mention too many quotation websites here; although inspiring quotations are necessary and helpful, there are numerous sites and they all seem the same to me.

I’m trying to add value to you via Every Day Should Be Fun and accordingly vet the content I select for you.

Lessons Learned In Life shares quotations and advice- both quoted from famous authors and original content – so it’s not just another quotations website. (Actually it reminds me of Marc and Angel’s sites EveryDay Life Lessons and  Thought Questions)

Aside from the quotations there is also a blog which covers more in depth thought provoking topics. My favourite post on the blog  is 100 wisest words.

The site is updated daily, but you can also subscribe to get regular updates which is a great way to continue to receive these inspiring words.

With nearly 3M Facebook likes at the time of writing- they must be getting something right 🙂

Check it out today!