1 year

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

Today marks 1 year of Every Day Should Be Fun.

From when I started the blog to now, the blog has evolved and continues to grow each day, collating ever more inspiring material to ensure every day is fun.

Now is a great time to visit some of the content from the last 12 months- particularly if you’re new to the blog.

Some of my favourite posts are also some of the simplest – such as the great website calm.com or the collection of inspiring people on YouTube.

Since starting the blog I have connected with some really inspiring people and I’ve learnt a lot about the power of sticking to an idea and working on it little and often- it all came from when I decided to start dirty.

If you have an inkling about following your heart to do something – my advice would be take action and correct along the way.

Some of the direction I am taking now has only come about from taking first steps- if I hadn’t started the blog- I wouldn’t have the same opportunities.

I have plenty of great content, websites and inspiring ideas for the next 12 months and beyond, but if you’d like to suggest something to feature on the blog, then please contact me

…..Here’s to many more years to come.