Larry Winget

The pitbull of personal development.

I first remember seeing a book a few years ago and vaguely remembering the title was something like “sit down shut up and get on with it”

I used to smile thinking there was someone out there poking fun at personal development in such a brutal way- I regretted not buying the book but it never crossed my path again…

Then, thanks to this blog I discovered Larry Winget and realised the correct title of the book was in fact Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life and it’s one of a handful of bestselling books Larry has authored and there is no irony in any of his work.

His trademark common sense approach and no nonsense style (similar to Brad Burton) are his calling card, his accent and booming voice seal the deal

Larry tells you straight why you are broke, hate your job and have a terrible life. It turns out its all your fault, but to get on the right track isnt complicated- it just takes hard work.

In his own words – no gimmicks required.

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