Five Ways to Well-being

Communal well-being is central to human life.

I discovered the concept of Five Ways to Well-being as a result of

The New Economics Foundation produced this report in 2008. The findings, although not earth shatteringly new are important and utilised by health organisations, schools and community projects across the UK.

Although seeming obvious, sometimes it’s important to be reminded of things we already know as we can then focus on them.

For example- as much as you know you need to exercise, eat well, get out in nature and so forth- how often do you actually do it?


The 5 ways are below:

1. Connect

The human connection is vital to life- family, friends, colleagues – whoever it is – truly connecting with those people in your life is an important step towards wel-being.

2. Be Active

Regular physical activity has been proven to help reduce stress levels and feelings of worry / anxiety

3. Take Notice

This relates to mindfulness -we spend so much of our lives rushing around we miss the detail. Attempting to be more present and take notice of your surroundings is a simple and effective way to lift your mood.

4. Keep Learning

In the same way you exercise your body (or are meant to…), keeping your mind active is just as key. Playing games, reading books, learning new skills – it all helps.

5. Give

The adage “givers get” is an important one. Taking an interest in others and “serving” them provides great fulfilment.

 These simple ideas are obvious but that’s because they work.

Think about how you could incorporate them into your life – especially if you’re feeling a little anxious or down.

The Five Ways are worth book marking for the future too- when you could use a reminder to help you feel better.

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