Friends in need

Lets end the loneliness that comes with depression

Every Day Should Be Fun is dedicated to positivity, inspiring things and making the most of life no matter how tough it may seem.

For some it can be all too much and depression plays a huge part of modern day society – I have suffered with it for years and know first hand how difficult it can be.

(If you want a greater understanding of depression this video explains it very well)

Depression can cause you to isolate yourself from the world which only makes things worse, Friends in Need exists to create a community of people living with depression, and to help them connect to combat the loneliness.

This is a UK focussed site as 1 in 5 British adults suffer with depression, but depression is a global issue with no barriers- it can affect anyone and its the loneliness and isolation with causes the most concern as this heightens the risk of suicide and harming.

This safe and positive space, run by the Depression Alliance, is helping users to connect, meet up and face their battle with depression together.

And that’s a truly great thing.