Are you a crap magnet?

What you focus on, you get.

It’s rare that you actually laugh out loud when you read something, but for me that moment came today when I discovered the principle of “the crap magnet” in Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker.

Now, I’m sure you are familiar with the law of attraction and spiritual or not you have to admit there might be something to it…. right?

Nowhere before had I seen this concept more starkly presented that in Eker’s book.

I’ve been deliberately buying books of late with ridiculous titles as I have previously avoided them. Sadly for some of these books, the titles don’t do the contents justice.

This is one of those books.

Eker reasons that negative energy is infectious and of course destructive, so he avoids negative people at all costs – as do I, but now I will do so with a chuckle as the term “crap magnet” resonates in my mind.

So what is a crap magnet?

Well your thinking can either be about positive, progressive and constructive things such as how you could start a business or get that promotion, or it could be about how little money you have and how bad your life is.

Thinking about negative things (crap) attracts negativity – which makes you a “crap magnet”

What you have to remember, is that whatever you focus on and whatever you think about, tends to be what you achieve in life- so by attracting negative thoughts or “crap” you bring just that into your life.

You could just as easily attract positivity into your life, it’s easy to do, but like everything it’s easy not to do- it just takes the presence of mind and the awareness to control your focus and catch yourself before you slip into the crap.

Zig Ziglar calls this “stinking thinking” but I much prefer “crap magnet” 🙂


he who says he can, and he who says he can’t – are both usually right.