Brad Burton

Spend 100% of the time being 100% you

Brad is a fast talking, fast swearing “fat man from Manchester” who “looks like a builder”.

I didn’t think I would share Brad with you as I wasn’t sure if he would be relevant when I first discovered him..

Then I realised I couldn’t not share him with you.

He puts family first, questions your motives in life and business, and pushes legacy.

He talks quick, exudes confidence, honesty and most important – vulnerability. A strange combination indeed.

With three highly rated books on Amazon, a career in speaking and at least “7 knobheads” wishing him ill, Brad embodies passion.

What a guy.

If you have the time watch the video below then you’ll get the measure of the man.

But be warned, Brad likes to swear and he likes to keep it brutally real.