The Joy Team

 Joy is untouched by circumstance

The Joy Team are a non profit from Vancouver Washington, they began in 2009 handing out notes of encouragement and inspiration.

From there the project has grown to incorporate billboards (much like and now they even encourage children to get involved in the joy message via The Junior Joy Team and The PB and Joy Project.

Ultimately, the Joy Team help people shift into a positive frame of mind through the power of positive words.

This is a simple concept but a truly important one.

It might be a simple concept – but when was the last time you said something positive and encouraging to those close to you?

Focussing on the positive in life, and more importantly, receiving positivity from others can help fuel your confidence and motivation.

Positive words cannot be underestimated in your quest to make Every Day fun.

You can check out the Joy Team at their site below (I recommend the free posters you can download), but it’s what they stand for that has made them worth sharing.