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Pickthebrain.com began in 2006 as a self improvement website with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education.

Still going strong today and with over 2000 articles online; Pickthebrain takes a broad approach to self improvement covering everything from improving your posture to 7 things happy people do to tips on staying motivated.

To help navigate, the diverse range of topics covered are split into 5 categories

With guest posts from other self improvement bloggers (such as Josh from the Middle Seat) it’s also a great place to stumble upon yet more inspiring blogs and inspiring people in your quest for happiness.

My favourite post has to be 14 ways to procrastinate productively – as a recovering procrastinator its great to hear that sometimes it is ok to just go for a wander and not have anything productive to do- in fact it’s quite necessary for your wellbeing.

Check out the site today – don’t forget to check out the archives too – over 2000 posts (!)