Success .com

Action is the foundational key to all success. is the accompanying website for Success magazine, an American self improvement magazine which began in 1898.

Yes. 1898 (!)

Success magazine doesn’t focus solely on financial accumulation in the way Forbes magazine does, rather it focusses on the mindsets, strategies and accumulation of knowledge to be successful- hence it’s of interest to us here at Every Day Should Be Fun.

The magazine covers everything from business, to self development, to tech and wellbeing all with a focus on personal development and growth.

Despite this focus on personal development, does also cater for entrepreneurs and small business via its startup toolkit – a selection of articles and resources for those looking to start their own business, including some really useful “how I made it” articles from well known entrepreneurs

My favourite part of the site is the author section where you can filter the content by author – as a fan of the likes of Jim Rohn and Les Brown it’s a great way to find some of their work – and also the discover new inspirational people too.

A great collection of videos, an extensive collection of merchandise,  the Success blog and the author section are all reasons to add to your inspirational arsenal.

Check it out!