The Little Book of Contentment

Contentment is the only real wealth

Ever since I came across the Zenhabits blog a couple of years ago I have had a deep respect and admiration for Leo Babauta.

A simple website, a simple approach and acres of simple to read and understand content keeps me reading Zenhabits almost daily.

The Little Book of Contentment is a free book which Leo has produced and made available to his ever growing audience. (he has also written some paid for books including The Power of Less which I have read and can thoroughly recommend.)

The Little Book of Contentment chronicles the importance of contentment in everyday life. Another simple concept but an important and powerful one nonetheless

Being happy with what you have now and not making  your happiness or any of your emotions reliant on external factors is one of the key takeaways from the book.

I think that is Leo’s power-  despite his success he once started as an overweight, indebted smoker looking to improve his life.

By improving his life and being content with what he had  (which is not settling) he was able to confidently stretch himself to achieve his goals from a solid base of confidence and self approval.

Without that contentment in a life where he knew he wanted to make changes, Leo  may have doubted his abilities to follow through, never managed to make progress and perhaps Zenhabits would never have been born.

The juxtaposition of being content with what you have whilst recognising you want more is the secret to using contentment in your own life.

An idea well worth exploring.

You can download the book here