No news is good news

A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.

I’ve suspected for a long time that consuming news can’t be good for you.

From war, to rape, murder, floods and all number of other terrible things- news appears to bring mostly negativity into our lives.

So why are we so consumed by it?

Being “up to date” with current happenings in the world seems like such an important thing, but in reality much of the news we consume is irrelevant, meaningless to us or worst of all make us feel anxious as the world is such a mean and nasty place.

We watch rolling 24hr news channels where the same stories are repeatedly featured, check mobile websites, listen to radios and read newspapers that all seem to focus on negative events and the misfortune some people suffer in their lives.

Well, it turns out I’m not alone in thinking news is bad for you – The Guardian covered this topic (ironic subject matter for a newspaper…)

Forgetting the often negative topics covered in the news, this article argues that amongst other side effects, the news also wastes your time, inhibits your thinking and kills creativity.

As a recovering newsaholic myself (yes I just made up a word) I am enjoying the lack of constantly checking things and the need to be “up to date”

With the time saved from watching news, reading news websites and listening to news on the radio, I am reading, watching and listening to inspiring and uplifting things to feature on the site.

If you didn’t consume news how would your life change?

Just a thought.