Do you have a dog?

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

This Upworthy piece was shared by a friend on Facebook recently and it really rang true with me.

Despite not being much of a dog person, it turns out I’ve been a proud dog owner for many years- although the size of my dog has varied as time has passed.

Let me explain.

Having dealt with depression, it can be very difficult to explain to others how it affects you. It can be equally as difficult for those friends to understand what it’s like.

This short video from the World Health Organisation explains how depression affects many people and helps to spread the message that depression is an illness.

It eloquently explains how depression can come and go at random, affect appetite, sex drive and overall enjoyment of life.

It reminds us that depression affects many people in different ways, at different times and to different degrees.

But most of all it makes us realise that depression is an illness like any other.

Depression can be managed and even be beaten- it takes communication, honesty and awareness.