What’s the point of living average?

Make Me Successful .com is the creation of Amtej Dosanjh, who like me, has decided to create an online outlet for the creative things he finds in the hope they will provide value and inspiration for others.

The website began in December 2011 and is still going strong. So many of these sites begin strong but soon fizzle out and are abandoned so it’s great to see WTPOLA is posting new content nearly every day.

With a great mix of quotations, articles and links,  as well as  the most impressive list of motivational videos I have found to date- it’s clear Amtej has been busy!

His post on not giving up is one of my favourites, but Amtej’s style of numbered lists and brief yet poignant sentences make every post on WTPOLA interesting.

Check out the site,  definitely check out the list of videos, and keep checking back for new content – WTPOLA is yet another great resource of new ideas.