The Someday Isle

Someday I’ll lose weight, someday I’ll start a business, someday I’ll……..

I’ve known about Brian Tracy for quite sometime but it was only today that I took the plunge….

I’m glad I did – although it was a rocky start.

My first perception of Brian Tracy was that of a snake oil salesman- all he talked about to begin with was how much money we’re all going to make and how great life will be – without too much of the nitty gritty to make it happen…

I persisted and thankfully so did he and the talk I watched below began improving and began including more in depth information.

Is that true? say yes….

At about 2 minutes and 22 seconds we’re introduced to “someday isle” which is an island inhabited by those who are not following their goals or stretching themselves to achieve and it was a great concept.

To “escape the island” – a wonderful fantasy land full of excuses – and push yourself- is an important element to achievement.

We’re all guilty of talking about goals and dreams but taking little action toward them as time slips by- this is a gentle reminder that taking action is a fundamental key to your progress and happiness.

This is just one element to the presentation he makes below – but indicative of the witty and direct approach he uses to teach his philosopies and concepts when it comes to peak performance.

If you have an hour to spare today then watch the video below- it talks so much about becoming goal orientated, developing good habits and pursuing your goals.

Is that true? say yes…(!)