Things that matter, pass them on!

Billed as the positive and inspiring alternative to buzzfeed, Upworthy began life between two friends who wanted to share inspiring and uplifting content in a web of cat videos and nonsense.

Noble aim.

So on March 26th 2013, the site began (their first 100 days are charted here) and the intriguing images and post titles began to flood the site- so did visitors with over 2 million in the third month of being live.

Using videos, articles and cool infographics, Upworthy caters to the short attention spans of the masses, but you don’t leave the site feeling as though you’ve wasted your time- which is the magic in my opinion.

Upworthy is designed to connect its visitors and users with charities, so rather than become another online magazine with quasi-positive intentions, Upworthy appears to be genuinely trying to make a difference in the world.

And for that alone, it’s worth me sharing.


(If you’re not sure where to start, then the best of and random will get you off to a great start)