Gary Vaynerchuk

What do you want to do for the rest of your life? do that.

Gary Vaynerchuk is partly responsible for me starting this blog.

The video below is a classic demonstration of Gary’s raw passion and authenticity- I featured it on the blog previously but it’s so good I’m back using it again to bring Gary into your world.

A successful wine merchant from the USA, Gary launched which was a series of high energy episodes talking about wine in a completely new and unstuffy way.

And that’s Gary’s magic- he is honest, accessible and he actually cares about you.

He’s not afraid to be himself, to stand up for his values and to interact with his community.

Gary is an advocate of being nice to people and generating goodwill – even if that person can’t or will never repay the favour – he doesn’t care.

And he’s right- being nice is not only a wholesome thing to do and ensures you sleep well at night, it greases the wheels and opens doors that may otherwise remain closed to you.

With numerous inspiring videos on his blog and YouTube (Gary is a huge advocate of video blogging) Gary a great source of inspiring content.

The videos are some of his keynotes and smaller more intimate spontaneous videos he shoots about his thoughts and feelings on various topics- but most concern customer engagement, social media, storytelling and just being a nice person.

Gary has left Wine for the time being to pursue a career in social media marketing and consultancy – as a published author and keynote speaker his infectious passion and common sense ideas are inspiring a new wave of people to do what they love.

Including me.