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kindness changes everything

I found the Kindness blog thanks to my discovery of

Once I committed myself to finding and sharing as many inspirational things as possible I’ve found there’s nearly always a connection from one thing to the next and an inexhaustible amount of things to cover.

When I started this, I did actually worry if I would manage to find enough things to mention but one thing keeps leading to another and the posts keep coming ­čÖé

It’s great to find so many interwoven ideas and concepts and to have a platform to share them with a wider audience and not just my friends – if you’re new to the site I’ve actually made this my goal.

But I digress.

Today I want to tell you about the kindness blog.

The kindness blog has a wonderfully simple aim- to share kindness. Whether its a large example, a story, small gestures, ideas – if it’s related to kindness then this is the place to feature it and the place to find it.

The blog has been running since April 2013 (just a month before I finally committed to this blog) and already they have a growing following on Twitter and Facebook, regular contributors and guest posters.

They also have a ton of wonderful kindness content.

I wish these guys well and will be checking back often to discover acts of kindness large and small ┬á– to brighten my day.

My favourite post? 7 days of speaking kindly