Make a difference and share things that help Inspire others.

Upinspire is a relatively new site which aims to build a community of people sharing inspiring content – a noble aim and not too far from my own aims for Every Day Should Be Fun.

Focussing solely on videos and photos, upinspire is using a community approach for a truly wholesome purpose- much like the good people at Happier – and for that reason I’m mentioning them here.

My favourite part of the site is that you can see how many people you have inspired (if you submit content) so rather than just sharing things and never knowing- you have the feelgood factor of watching the number of inspires increase as your content is shared around the web.

Another useful source of inspiring material for you to call upon and an equally useful output if you want to share your inspiring things with the world. (but don’t forget to contact me first as sharing inspiring things is what I live for!)

You can sign up with them to share content, browse newly shared inspiring things- or check out their inspirational users.