Jack Canfield

Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone

Jack Canfield is the author (along with Mark Victor Hansen) of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

This powerful book originally collated 101 uplifting stories from ordinary people who accomplished their goals and made progress in their lives. It’s now become a “franchise” and spawned countless books and courses across the world.

As co-author of this highly successful series, Jack has used the success to boulster his own speaking career and to help thousands across the globe.

He has numerous books in print (not just from the Chicken Soup franchise) and countless YouTube videos- some which cover his audiobook series and others which cover short and simple concepts and last 1-3 minutes.

Jack Canfield is the son of an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father. He studied psychology at school and discovered at the age of 23 his life purpose.

He went from teaching in schools, to teaching corporates and to inspiring salespeople and entrepreneurs to be more effective and break through their limits.

From there as a motivational speaker and leader he joined forces with Mark Victor Hansen to Create “Chicken Soup” which itself has spawned hundreds of books and numerous bestsellers- continuing to feature on best seller lists years after it’s initial publish.

Often linking self esteem and confidence, with goals, visualisation and focus- Jack is a great person to call upon for some quick an accessible ideas to improve your life- my current favourite is the hour of power.

This video gives you a great introduction to Jack and some of his story so far.