Psychologies is the magazine for life curious women that helps you know more, grow more.

Psychologies is a UK based magazine ( I’m based in the UK) which my wife often reads.

Until now I had dismissed it as a source of inspiring material perceiving it to be a “woman’s magazine”.

How wrong I was.

Psychologies is a wonderful magazine aimed at women (but perfectly fine for men too of course) which covers some great topics and provides some meaningful content.

In a world of paparazzi photos of celebrities going about their lives and other boring things, it’s a welcome change 🙂

Luckily for non UK readers of this site, the magazine hosts a large proportion of its content online and you can get the magazine in digital format too.

The article which sparked this discovery and this post can be found here – it talks about pursuing hobbies and passions as a healthy part of life – amen to that.

Of the key topics covered in the magazine – self provides the most relevant articles for EDSBF readers.