Motivational Monday

Greatness isn’t what you become. It’s what you overcome.

I first came across Motivational Monday a few years ago when I first discovered Matt Morris -the “unemployed millionaire”.

Matt’s story is one of the classic “rags to riches” tales- he went from sleeping in his car to becoming a millionaire and best selling author with The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms!

Every Monday Matt shares something inspiring with his blog readers- more often than not it’s a video, but it’s always something interesting and worth checking out.

Having identified Monday as one of the harder days of the week for those who work for others when they wish to work for themselves,  Matt uses Monday as his day to bring some motivation and inspiration to your life. (Much like ET The Hip Hop Preacher does with TGIM)

Network marketing, becoming and “internet millionaire” and pushing a location independent lifestyle are not the aim of this blog, but that’s of no consequence to us – you just can’t help but admire Matt’s success, and his willingness to help inspire others.