Following on from my post on 50 Hacks to simplify your world, I discovered


1  [hak] 

To reduce or cut ruthlessly.

Lifehacker is a website dedicated to finding shortcuts, improvements and solutions to everyday problems.

From money, to productivity, to flipping the perfect omelette, Lifehacker is a treasure trove of great ideas and great thinking which can add real value to your everyday life.

I found some of the best content in productivity – as the site is US based a lot of the money saving tips and others can be irrelevant if like me you reside outside the USA,

My favourites are these three, but there are so many more I love and I find more all the time:

Lifehacker is an endless source of inspiration and great ideas – it’s well worth a look and a share.

You can also check out for much of the same great content.