Practical Tips for Productive Living

Marc and Angel are a couple from the USA, they founded “Marc and Angel Hack Life” in 2006 with the goal of inspiring as many people as possible.

Since then, they have amassed a huge archive of posts, 100 million page views and have published their book 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently

They cover topics as varied as Happiness, Money, Music, News and Tech, delivering their simple inspiring messages mostly using numbered lists – a favourite of Celestine Chua at Personal Excellence.

Some of the top posts include:

In addition to Marc and Angel Hack Life, they run three other websites which take a simple and collaborative approach to furthering their inspiring messages: – Users can post, rate and comment on thought provoking life questions. – Users can post, rate and comment on thought provoking life lessons.

Whatmoneycannotbuy – Users can post, rate and comment on the little things in life which make the greatest difference.

Whichever site you check out, you can’t deny the good work and impact this inspiring couple are making.