Energy and persistence conquer all things

This is blog post number 101 for Every Day Should Be Fun.

I still have no idea where it will end up, but am certain of my goal and my intentions.

I’m also thankful I started the blog and took action.

With my gradual work over the past six months since the blog began, I have collated some of the most powerful and interesting ideas and resources which have helped me overcome difficulty in my own life.

I have also discovered a wealth of new inspiring and motivational content which only reinforces my desire to turn this blog into my life’s work and my legacy, for which I am already extremely proud.

I have a raft of yet  more inspiring material to share with you and hope that you are finding the site useful and are able to put some of the ideas to practice in your own life.

As the site grows in visitor numbers I hope to establish a community of like-minded people who will comment, contribute and help spread this website to all those who may find it useful.

I hope this website becomes my legacy.

This is a post on persistence. If you can stay the course you will be rewarded and as each day passes new opportunities and situations come your way which would simply not be available to you, had you not persisted.