Patience & passion

What do you want to do every day for the rest of your life?

do that.

This video is one of the final things that inspired me into action and to begin to share inspiring content with the world rather than just my friends.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a very passionate person – he’s passionate about following your heart, doing what you love and making a difference.

This video, a keynote Gary made at a Web Expo conference has become an ongoing reminder for me to follow my heart and put happiness above all else.

Gary tries to explain that firstly, you should follow your heart and do something you are passionate about- and only then do you worry about making money.

This is of course counter to most people’s view on progressing your career or business – it takes a leap of faith to follow your heart and perhaps not make any money or much money to begin with as you build up.

Arguing that to follow your heart you don’t need to jeapordise your current situation; and talking predominantly within the concept of beginning an online business, Gary suggests that you simply need to dedicate time to your passion and put in the hours- if you work full time you have to give up things like TV or going out so much to dedicate yourself to making a difference- if that is what you truly want.

don’t have time? 7pm to 2 in the morning is plenty of time to do damage.

As a major presence in social media and with a large following, Gary is well qualified to talk about becoming successful through following your passion- his Wine Library TV online videos helped raise revenues at his father’s wine store in the US as he began to put out very interesting, fun and high energy content- just watching the video below you will see how you can’t help but listen to everything he has to say.

Brand equity – the cumulative reputation of either yourself or your business in the marketplace is the foundation you need to succeed in following your passion.

As with all worthwhile things- building brand equity can take a little time, but once it is in place you have the solid foundation and audience to then begin to monetise your passion.

Take the time to watch this video and let Gary inspire you ­čÖé

If you knew you could do what you loved all day every day and the money to support yourself would follow – what would you do for a living?