Your Potential Starts with Your Beliefs

“Where do your beliefs come from? Do they come from the average man on the street? Do they come from TV and radio? Do they come from whoever talks the longest and the loudest? If you want to succeed, it would be wise for you to choose your beliefs carefully, rather than walking around like … Read more

6 Things Open-Minded People Do

Being open minded is one of the highest forms of intelligence. Being able to accept and embrace the ideas of others takes discipline and modesty, but being ambivalent is quite something else. To think contradictory thoughts about something shows a level of open mindedness and modesty that can only lead to progress and good things. … Read more

The Institute for Global Happiness

Keynote Speaking, Resources & Books That Drive Happiness We’re sitting at the brink of a happiness revolution. Everyone wants it. But where do we find it? Sure, we all push at the gym to lose five pounds. But how many of us push on our happiness? We know that happiness is a choice. We just … Read more