5 Tips For When You Have Too Much to Do

Feeling overwhelmed and that you have too much to do is unpleasant and unproductive. It comes from a lack of priorities more than a lack of time. It can be hard to know where to begin or what to do when you feel so under pressure. This article from ZenHabits presents 5 tips on how … Read more

R.E.D. Run Every Day

TO RAISE AWARENESS AND SUPPORT FOR MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, THROUGH THE POWER OF PHYSICAL EXERTION. This idea, much like the ideas of giving up drinking or smoking for a month is one that really caught my eye. Run Every Day is a charitable event aimed at raising awareness and funds for mental health issues: WHETHER … Read more

The number one predictor of happiness

Autonomy – defined as “the feeling that your life – its activities and habits — are self-chosen and self-endorsed.” This article from the lovely Karen Salmansohn (not Salmon) covers that elusive topic- happiness. It turns out that if we feel we have autonomy (control) in our lives we are likely to be the most happy. … Read more