Today is the last day of 2016. Another year has passed. Never to return. It always makes me think of this Robin Sharma quote: Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Are you living? truly living? or are you repeating? Was this year like last year and like the next? … Read more

Your Year in Review: 50 Questions

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection. Ok, so this is designed for 2014 into 2015 but it doesn’t really matter. These 50 questions are a powerful tool to finish this year in a constructive way and to give thought to the next. My favourite? 25. Which worries turned out to be … Read more


Kenshō (見性) is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition. Ken means “seeing,” shō means “nature, essence”. Kenshō is an initial insight or awakening, not full Buddhahood.It is to be followed by further training to deepen this insight, and learn to express it in daily life. The term kenshō is often used interchangeably with satori, which is derived from the verb satire, and means “comprehension; understanding”.