5 Ways to Find Peace: Life Lessons from an 8th Grade Teacher

Peace begins with a smile. This post from TinyBuddha contains 5 core principles to live a peaceful life in the now. My favourite lesson- Each day is new. I think we forget sometimes that whatever has happened to us and however we feel, generally life starts anew each day and there are new opportunities and … Read more

Neuroscience Reveals The Easy Ritual That Will Make You Happy

Affection makes you successful. This science backed article explores the magic of touch in great detail and it’s fascinating. Key takeaways: Affection makes you successful: Kisses before work can add 5 years to your life and 30% to your paycheck. (Kisses at work lead to lawsuits.) Hugs really do make you happy: 8 glasses of water a day doesn’t make … Read more

Crazy Perfect Life

Find meaning each day I found this through my Inspiring Facebook feed as some friends were sharing and liking the content and I’m glad I checked it out. Created by Dara, a Cancer survivor with a new appreciation for the beauty of life, Crazy Perfect Life is designed to share this beauty and connect with … Read more

LifeAdvancer .com

Your guide to life improvement. Every so often I come across a site which is inspirational, absolutely full of great content and regularly updated. Life Advancer is yet another great website resource for anyone looking for inspiration, motivation and to improve. This is a source for those who want to improve the overall quality of … Read more