Be cheerful, enjoy your life

It’s incredible how I get sent inspiration which is found in all sorts of places and mediums. The most unusual so far goes to this 2,400 year old Greek mosaic which pictures a skeleton some wine and some bread, reminding us to be cheerful and enjoy life. Now THAT¬†is timeless wisdom ūüôā Full article here. … Read more


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine OK. So¬†this is not a religious blog, nor is it political or any of that nonsense. This is a blog dedicated to finding and sharing inspirational things from around the internet an around the world in all shapes and sizes that we find. Music is … Read more


Never give in. Never never never never give in. Anvil is a true story about determination and never giving up on your dreams. A Canadian rock band formed in the 70s, they enjoyed ¬†brief moment of fame but disappeared into obscurity. Where many people would give up on their dreams and deem it “over”, Anvil … Read more

Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals. I’m living proof. BEEFCAKE!! I’m huge fan of Casey Neistat, he first came on my radar with the Make it Count video for Nike which was unlike anything I’d seen before. Since he started daily vlogging I have become addicted and in this video instead of drones, … Read more

Harold’s planet

Simple wisdom is the best wisdom. Brought to you by, the people behind those “Happiness Is” images which seem to be everywhere, Harold’s planet is a collection of simple illustrations covering life’s simple pleasures. With a new one every day it’s a simple and well designed way to get a bit of niceness into¬†every … Read more