Soul Kitchen

Hope is delicious. Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) is not just an ageless and timeless rock legend. It turns out he is also an incredible social philanthropist and the Soul Kitchen embodies so much about the right way to help those who may need it. From allowing guests to pay for meals through volunteering, to allowing … Read more

Shut up and be patient

The point is, you’re basically this walking, lumbering habit machine. This article, from Mark Manson, is an eloquent and sweary reminder that life moves at the pace it wants. Using the Titanic as his example, Mark explores how change is a slow and incremental process, no matter how hard you turn the wheel it takes … Read more

Life lessons from a 90 year old

The older you get, the wiser you become. It’s always fascinating to learn about the lives of others, their hopes, dreams and most importantly their regrets. Using the accumulated wisdom of others is an efficient way to supercharge your own life and save valuable time. There is some solid gold wisdom, advice and perspective we … Read more

7 timeless strategies for finding inner strength

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. This article, from Marc and Angel Hack Life is a series of reminders and strategies to help you deal with the hardest life has to offer. Not everything goes well, not everything turns out how you hope, but you can retain your happiness and your composure at … Read more


Ok so this is a Television advert for the Stella Artois brewery in the UK. But. I love to find inspiration and hidden messages in everyday life as that’s where they can be most powerful. The simple story of Sebastian Artois selling everything he had to buy a brewery is a powerful reminder that one … Read more