Believe O Gram

Be inspired. Be inspiring. This neat little website allows you to create a personalised motivating message for someone you know. From the YouTube powerhouse that is Evan Carmichael, this simple an uplifting video could be just what you need to help perk up a friend of loved one and keep them believing. Enjoy!

How to be a superhero

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Evan Carmichael

Believe. Evan Carmichael is a rising star of YouTube- he puts out 2-3 videos a DAY on the topic of entrepreneurship, mindset and greatness. His rules for success series are what got me hooked. In these videos, Evan takes famous successful people and distils their wisdom using clips of videos which demonstrate each point. The … Read more

Entrepreneur .com Inspiration

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. Entrepreneur magazine is a longtime stalwart of the small business publishing industry and the growing number of people seeking to run their own businesses and follow their own path. Far from just talking about money and the technicalities of business, Entrepreneur magazine dedicates much of it’s … Read more